Welcome to the web site of the Scottish Rite in Maryland.  As a branch of Masonry, we are a part of the largest Fraternal and Philanthropic organization in the world.  Our roots in America go back to late 1700s but the organization as we know it today, was formally constituted in 1801.  Scottish Rite Masonry in Maryland was first Chartered in 1879 and now has over 5000 members. 

The Scottish Rite is a continuation of a Master Mason’s education of the first three degrees of Masonry and consists of the 4th through 32nd Degree and an honorary 33rd, which is awarded for exceptional service.

Our home is the beautiful Scottish Rite Temple at 3800 N. Charles Street in the city of Baltimore.  The building also houses our primary charity – the Hilgenberg Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Language Center providing speech therapy for children.

The Scottish Rite in Maryland always welcomes new members which is open to all 3rd Degree, Master Masons of a Symbolic Lodge.  The State of Maryland is comprised of five geographical organizations referred to as “Valleys”: the Valley of Baltimore, the Valley of Cumberland, the Valley of Frederick, the Valley of Salisbury and the Valley of Southern Maryland.  The Scottish Rite in Maryland is always looking for new members and the way to become a member is the same as in Symbolic Lodge Masonry – you ask someone. 

If you have an interest, you may contact the main office by phone at (410) 243-3200 or by mail to: The Scottish Rite, 3800 North Charles Street, Baltimore Maryland 21218.  Click on this link for an Application for Membership or on this link to find out more about the Scottish Rite.

Ill. Marlin L. Mills, 33°
Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Maryland