SGIG Message


The Biennial Session in Washington, DC begins on August 19 with the formal opening at 9:00am. This year it will be held at the Capital Hilton. This event is followed on Tuesday the 20th with the 33° conferral at 10:30am (you must be a 33° member with a dues card in hand to attend). I congratulate each of our new 33° Inspector General Honorary and Knight Commander Court of Honor recipients. I sincerely thank you, not only for the work you have done to receive this honor, but for your continued support and dedication as the newest leaders of our Scottish Rite. Each of you have contributed immensely to the success of your Valleys and I have no doubt your efforts, values and determination will continue.  
Maryland has been fortunate that a slight decline in membership has not weakened the spirit of enthusiasm that exists in this Orient. A brand-new Valley has just requested “Letters Temporary” to formally begin operation as the Valley of Charles County and conduct their Lodge of Perfection completely from memory! This is the seventh (7th!) Valley in Maryland. Some are perhaps bigger and stronger, but all have the same mission, commitment and dedication to high quality and excellent performance with zeal for our Scottish Rite!

If you have not been to visit a Valley other than your “home”, I encourage you to do so. See how the men in another Valley work in a Lodge Room or travel to different Lodges to confer degrees. Taste the assortment of delicious meals that are prepared and served. Each Valley welcomes you and your attendance is appreciated.

If you know of a Master Mason who is not yet a Scottish Rite member, why not invite him to join you at one of the dozens of social events that the Valleys put on? There are many events for families that may spark an interest in our fraternity. The cover of this magazine says it all! Everyone is welcome!


Sincerely and Fraternally,