SGIG Message


I hope this issue of our Rite News finds everyone well and reflecting upon a wonderful Christmas, and your New Year off to a great start. Now we return to the reality of getting down to business. In my case, the reality of Scottish Rite Masonry in Maryland. How to help it grow, how to get members involved, how to assist the Valleys in their ritual, attendance, and community involvement, as well as long list of other important items.

Have you ever looked up the word reality? I found the following definitions: “the real circumstance that actually exists at present” and “the real circumstance that actually exists, or a situation that changed circumstances in one’s life.” A declining membership is a reality. A declining pride in one’s work is a reality. A decline in … is a reality.

Those who know me, know I am a bit old fashioned. I am not one who likes the “new-age” stuff – Zoom meetings, casual dress, “OK is good enough”, just getting by is acceptable… I suppose these meet the definition of reality; “The true situation that exists at present.” When I hear the word reality anymore, I think of those “reality” TV shows – Alone, Jerry Springer, True Confessions, Naked and Afraid… reality at its best, complete with TV crews, makeup artists, props, and lighting. Being “old fashioned”, however, I still believe in people. I believe in our members, and I believe in the dignity and importance of our degrees, and the messages they present. I believe in good ritual and degree work; not perfect, but good. I still believe that men properly dressed in suits or tuxedos conduct themselves a bit better than when they are in causal dress. Even their language is better. I still believe that “on time” means on time. I believe that when you wait for the one person “running late” you are telling those that arrived on time that he is more important they are. I believe that live, in person, face to face, and hand to hand is the way to meet; not zoomed in. It sounds like a space movie… “Zoom me up, buddy.”

I also still believe that community involvement attracts attention. There was a time when Presidents, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Judges, and business leaders were all members of a Masonic Lodge. I still believe that it is not titles that honor men, but rather that it is men that bring honor to titles. I still believe in you! I believe that working together, we can and will make Maryland Masonry and Maryland Scottish Rite Masonry better and stronger. Most importantly it will strengthen each of you – the members.

Sincerely and Fraternally,