Southern Maryland


Valley of Southern Maryland
Ill. Kenneth Hopkins Sebra, 33°

THE VALLEY OF SOUTHERN MARYLAND meets at Thomas J. Shryock Lodge in Hollywood, MD. We have upgraded the heating system and the lodge lighting system. The heating system seemed to fail just when it was needed most and the lights and fans in the lodge room would keep turning on and off. Lights and fans going off and on was kind of distracting.

Bro. James Scott Clay, 32° said it was really rewarding to be able to be the candidate in the degree work in the lodge room at Southern Maryland and then to witness the degrees presented at the Scottish Rite Temple in Baltimore.

Seems like children are born with telephones (minicomputers) in their hands today. I was ten years old before we had a telephone in the house. We communicated either face to face or by letters in the mail. When we visited, we just showed up and left a written message in the door if no one was home.

We went from the vacuum tube to the transistor tothe integrated circuit to the microprocessor in a blink of an eye. Now we have the God Particle (Higgs Boson). This is in addition to electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, preons, etc. It seems like new discoveries are made every day. Yet some things remain unchanged, the Scottish Rite lessons you have learned.

As we progress through the degrees, we are taught the lessons God gave us thousands of years ago. They are as true today as they were then and will remain unchanged. But the best is yet to come. Come back on Reunion Day and see the degrees again after you have read about them. Better yet, join a degree team. You will be amazed as to what you have missed. What you take away will not be obsolete the next day like today’s technology.

God gave us the important stuff up front and left the other stuff for us to figure out for ourselves. We will keep making new discoveries and inventing new stuff but it will be of no value if we forget about the stuff God gave us to get started. Science is fun but the rules of life are critical to happiness and even to our survival.

I hope you didn’t think our lodge was haunted when you saw the lights going on and off by themselves. We hope to have that problem fixed the next time you visit. We are always happy to see you.