Lodge Diplomats

Ill. Kenneth R. Taylor, 33°
Diplomat Chairman
Orient of Maryland

Listed below are the assistant chairmen of the Scottish Rite Diplomats and the Lodges they are responsible for. In the near future we will list the names of each Lodge Diplomat. There are two Diplomats per Lodge. If you are interested in becoming a Diplomat, contact one of the above.

Scottish Rite Diplomats are ambassadors between the Scottish Rite and the Blue Lodge. They can be relied upon to furnish you and your Lodge infrormation on the Scottish Rite, how you can join and they will be most happy to provide you with a petition. Look up the Diplomat assigned to your Lodge and say hello – he will be happy to greet you.

Assistant Chairman  Lodge Assignments
Ill. Oswald Kinat, 33°
Annapolis 89
Pythagoras 123
Sincerity 181
Odenton 209
Glen Burnie 213
  Washington 3
Warren 51

ILL. Edgar Faulkner, 33° Mt. Ararat 44
Union 48
Harmony 53
Cecil 125
Susquehanna 130
Stephenson 135
Esdraelon 176
Aberdeen 187

ILL. Spyros Treklas, 33° Amicable-St. Johns 25
Composite 212
Landmark 127
Germania 160
Highland 184

Ill. John English, 33° Corinthian 93
Mt. Moriah 116
Charity 134
Ionic 145
Tuscan 202

Henry C. McDonald, 33° Washington #3
Concordia 13
Patapsco 183
Jephthah 222

Theodore Harding 32° Solomon’s 121
Laurel Wreath 149
Waverly 152
Mt. Hermon 179
Birmingham 188

Dave W. Rabe Patmos 70
Howard 101
Palestine 189
Millington 166

Ill. Paul Lloyd Door to Virtue 46
Freedom 112
Plymouth 143
Lebanon 175
Prudence 190