The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Orient of Maryland

S.G.I.G.'s Message


As always, I hope this issue of your Rite News finds you well and enjoying the first weeks of spring, longer days, and the sun’s rays. I would like to begin by extending my sincerest welcome to our newest Scottish Rite Brothers and their families. I realize the volume of information you received may have seemed overwhelming. Yet, I hope you found it enlightening as well and will return to experience the degrees in a more relaxed time frame. I am committed to you and want you to be an active part of your Valley. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, my door is always open to you. I also extend congratulations to each of the dozens and dozens of men who made the Reunion a great success. The time and effort you put in to make the One Day Class one to be remembered is to be commended and I send my heartfelt thanks. None of this could be accomplished without you.

As you know, the One Day Class was named in honor of Ill. Bennie G. Owens, 33° (11/2/1922 – 05/20/2018). Ill. Bennie had been a very active member of our Scottish Rite. He received his 14th degree on November 10, 1973 followed by the Knight Commander Court of Honor October 10, 1979 and, on October 10, 1995, he was given the honor of the 33°, Inspector General Honorary. He served as Most Worshipful Grand Master from 11/20/2000 until 11/11/2002. Brother Bennie was active in all three bodies of the York Rite. Having presided over all three Grand Bodies, he is one of 7 Maryland Grand Masters to hold the four quadrants in the York Rite Grand Cross of Honor. In the Scottish Rite, Bennie excelled in several degrees with the fourteenth being his favorite. For many years, Ill. Brother Owens served exceptionally as Orient Personal Representative. He was always ready to assist wherever needed. In his 96 years, Bennie touched many lives, made many friends and left many memories for those who knew him. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Finally, I want to thank each of you who signed a petition for a Brother. Membership is the life-blood of every organization, especially this of ours. How good and pleasant it is when all come together for the good of each other. There are six Valleys in Maryland and each one would love to have you visit for a meeting or event. It is also a great way to meet new friends and Brothers.


Sincerely and Fraternally,