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Orient of Maryland


The Clinic Corner


HELLO!! My name is Celeste Segal and I am so happy to have this opportunity to be a part of this amazing clinical team at the Hilgenberg Scottish Rite Center for Childhood Language Disorders in Baltimore. You can ind me at the Scottish Rite Center every Monday. I started working for HASA after moving to the Baltimore area almost 28 years ago. For the past 12 years, I have been working part time in the clinic at HASA as well as being part time faculty at Towson University.

I have been working for 30+ years and I continue to be energized by the diverse population of the children and families with whom I work. My primary focus is with the pediatric population (infantsschool age), however I also work with adults who have intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and hearing impairments. I strongly believe family involvement is the key to success. In addition to my direct therapeutic intervention with the children, I encourage parents to actively participate during therapy sessions and invite them to “play” with us. I also spend time educating family members and empowering them to advocate for their child. I am so honored to be associated with the Scottish Rite Masons and am grateful that they share my views regarding the beneits of education and therapy.

The annual award of he Brockman Fellowship further supports this commitment. Thanks to the Scottish Rite Mason’s generosity, during the months of September-May, some of our Scottish Rite children and families had the good fortune of working with two student interns, Amanda Pugliese from Loyola University and Sarah Morrison from Towson University. hey worked under the supervision of myself and some of my colleagues. his opportunity allowed the children to engage in fun and dynamic therapy sessions while it facilitated our interns to gain valuable clinical experience with a diverse population. hey brought so much energy to our team and we miss them both!

It seems like there is always something exciting happening at the Scottish Rite Center for Children with Communication Disorders. WOW!! Another big hank You to the Scottish Rite Masonswe were so excited when they supplied two new iPads to the Speech and Language Center. he kids beneit so much from the programs we are able to use on the iPads and we get a lot of engagement from the children through the use of current technology. As spring ends and the summer begins, the fun and excitement will continue. Last year’s success with our Summer Literacy Program was such a big hit. We are so pleased that we will be ofering the program again this summer!