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The following Brethren are members and officers of all bodies in the Valley of Baltimore:

Personal Representative Ill. E. Ray Leppo, 33º
Treasurer Ill. Roger M. Windsor, 33º
Director of Work Ill. Thomas M. Velvin, Jr., 33º, PGM
Prelate Hon. Michael A. Caldwell, 32°, KCCH
Almoner Ill. J. Frederick Hobine, 33°
Organist Ill. Ronald L. Unger, 33º
Organist Ill. Kenneth H. Sebra, 33º
Tyler Ill. R. Vernon Denison, 33º



Albert Pike Lodge of Perfection 4° - 14°
Hon. David W. Rabe, 32°, KCCH
Venerable Master

Senior Warden Bro. John M. Lister, 32°
Junior Warden Hon. Gerald R. Phillips, 32°, KCCH
Orator Hon. W. Michael Boughman, 32°, KCCH
Master of Ceremonies Bro. William A. Zarychta, 32°
Expert Bro. David L. Lebowitz, 32°
Assistant Expert Bro. D. Douglas Walters, 32°
Captain of the Host Bro. L. Evan Votta, 32°


Meredith Chapter of Rose Croix 15° - 18°
Hon. William V. Sweeney, Jr., 32°, KCCH
Wise Master

Senior Warden Hon. Andrew L. Vineberg, 32°, KCCH
Junior Warden Hon. Daniel L. Roberts, 32°, KCCH
Orator Hon. S. Dirk Wiker, 32°, KCCH
Master of Ceremonies Hon. Robert W. Reynolds, 32°, KCCH
Expert Hon. Lister J. Haughton-James, 32°, KCCH
Assistant Expert Bro. Timothy M. Dykes, 32°
Standard Bearer Bro. Jarry M. Harger, 32°
Guardian of the Temple Bro. Glenn A. Snyder, 32°


Maryland Council of Kadosh 19° - 30°
Ill. Thomas A. Keller, 33°

1st. Lieutenant Hon. William J. Kapral, 32°, KCCH
2nd. Lieutenant Bro. Charles A. Hazard, 32°
Chancellor Bro. John H. Austin, 32°
Orator Hon. Randall L. Watson, 32°, KCCH
Marshall of Ceremonies Bro. James W. Meulendyke, 32°
Turcopolier Bro. Cory S. Wright, 32°
Lieutenant of the Guard Bro. James T. Hill, 32°


Chesapeake Consistory 31° - 32°
Hon. Arthur R. Dickerson, Jr., 32°, KCCH
Master of Kadosh

Prior Hon. Kostas Vourvoulas, 32°, KCCH
Preceptor Ill. William D. Hooper, Jr., 33°
Chancellor Bro. Kraig A. Dean, 32°
Minister of State Ill. Arthur J. Manning, 33°
Master of Ceremonies Hon. Robert N. Carhart, 32°, KCCH
Expert Bro. Glen V.S. Zetina, 32°
Assistant Expert Bro. George L. Medalie, 32°
Master of the Guard Bro. Robert D. Knight, Jr., 32°